Many people love barbecues. What is hard to love is a neighbor that barbecues, especially because it fills your home with smoke and smell. But there’s a tenant that never ever grills: McDonald’s. That’s why for Burger King, properties alongside its biggest competitor are a great deal. So it helped landlords to promote them by advertising them with real state signs.


Back then, DAVID The Agency Madrid couldn’t hire me after my 3-months internship because of the visa. Well, the game is hard when you don’t have a Gold Lion. I secretly sneaked into their co-working space to work on Burger King’s proactive briefs for passion, free coffee, sofa, and sugar. Not many people knew.

One day, I shared so many bad ideas about smoke and my observation about apartments above McDonald’s with my senior bros Gui and Rafa on WhatsApp. They helped to form a better concept, a better message and presented it to Pancho, Andre, and Saulo. Luckily, it happened right before the COVID outbreak in Brazil. Unluckily, we couldn’t produce this in America. 



Concept, Copywriting.


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Agency: DAVID São Paulo e Madrid
Campaign: Best Neighbor
Client: Burger King Brazil
Global CCO & Partner: Pancho Cassis
MD, Global COO: Sylvia Panico
Creative VP: Rafael Donato, Saulo Rocha, André Toledo
CD: Fred Bosch, Álvaro Palma, Edgard Gianesi
ACD: Rogerio Chaves, Fabricio Pretto
Copywriter: Guilherme Pinheiro, Toàn Trần Bảo Mai
Art Director: Rafael Ochoa