Hey, thanks for viewing my alcoholic website.

Probably the first one that doesn’t ask for your age.

Let the drunk me show you the real me and the truth behind my works in under 2 minutes.

I almost got in jail twice. One got away with a lawyer for fucking with McDonald’s. The other for fucking with Cannes Lions 2020/2021. The one that fucked with McDonald’s won something at Cannes Lions. The one that fucked with Cannes Lions won zero awards, but millions of hearts, and has been “stealing” from them $250.000.000 until now. Right now, my latest case study is still waiting for Aliens’ impression. I don’t drive, so I invented a way to do drive-thru on Google Drive. My weirdest food combination is burger and blood. Yeah, life is short. Be controversial.

Here’s the CV of me whose life had hit rock bottom for 2 years straight until I met Quynh (an I-will-kill-myself-to-work-with creative). Here’s my humble award list which doesn’t give a damn about other award lists. I am always hungry and I believe my time will come.

If you know how a man can get pregnant, please DM me – I want to have a second brain for big, big ideas. If you don’t but still want to chat, drop me a note.

(Drunk) Toan.