Hey there, thanks for viewing my book. In wine, there’s truth, so let the drunk me show you the real me.

I’m a hybrid creative who loves pissing the “big guys” off with humor and almost got in big troubles … three times. One for fucking with Cannes Lions. One for fucking with China. And yet, another one that got away with a lawyer for fucking with McDonald’s. Maybe that’s why my friends sometimes call me “the fucking Toan” in a humorous way. When not fucking with a Goliath, I make friends with aliens by translating IKEA manuals. No Alien’s impression so far. Did I do anything beautiful? Yes, I wrote Haikus to intrigue a nation into reading books.

Here’s where I have worked and sleptHere’s what I forget every dayI’m currently teaming up with Quynh (an I-will-kill-myself-to-work-with creative) as the only copy-copy team at Goodby, Silverstein & Partners. 

If you know how a man can get pregnant, please DM me – I want to have a second brain for big, big ideas. If you don’t but still want to chat, drop me a note.

(Drunk) Toan.